May 31, 2011

Love songs and funny feelings

This is the first version of a lovesong with a lot of crazy drums and is basically about meeting my soulmate which I did shortly after recording the first version of this song. My recording equipment at the time was not very good, there is a lot of noise but the energy was magnificent.

Terrific Guy old version

The next version is recorded three years later with my terrific guy playing the guitar and a video about how we met or somthing close to.

Terrific Guy Video


March 31, 2011

The Three Pillars of Magic

The three pillars of magic
Create experience – experience creation
Magic is for me the art of creating your own living experience and experiencing life in a profound way. Magic is also a lifestyle, that might not bring you the picture perfect life or solve all problems according to a premade ideal, but it might add a sense of adventure, a deep connection to all there is, a feeling of bubbly joy, flying freedom and a spectacular view over horizons you would never have thought of otherwise, to your living experience.
In my book series ‘MAGICAL CONTACT LENSES’ I have focused a lot on creating a world view of magic, in this short essay I will focus on the overall practical use of magic. As I see it in this present moment, there are 3 areas of magic that must play together when using magic to create the artwork of a living experience. I call them ‘The 3 pillars of magic’ just to be a little dramatic. They are:

Imagination – vizualisation, ideas, dreams
Imagination is used when creating the blueprint of what we manifests in our lives. It works in our nightly dreams and our daily thoughts where we synthesize and put together what ever we have or take in to our minds. Imagination is in that sense a view over a vast field of probabilities. This means that everybody who experiences actually have an imagination. though the field of probabilities displayed in the imagining mind, might differ from person to person. Some might imagine daily things and events like money making and dishwashing while others like me are more focused in the field of probabilities where as an example magical creatures and events take place.
The blueprints created in imagination is not actually actualized as anything but a blueprint in our experience and if we want to experience the blueprints in our lives we must translate the blueprint of mind into a vibratory pattern of energy that resonates with the senses used to navigate in existence. This is done through:

Music – vibration, energy patterns and beliefs, active energy manipulation
Music can be described as harmonized vibrations of different kinds put together to create an artwork of vibrations. Normally when talking about music we talk about vibrations in the vibratory specter of sound, though in magic I am talking about vibration in all specters. Both in the emotional bandwidth, the bandwidth of sound, the bandwidth of light and the bandwidth of mind and what ever bandwidth it makes sense or absolutely no sense what so ever to talk about.
Music deals with energetic vibration. It is a way to put different vibrations together in a harmonized way. No matter in what bandwidth you work, it can actually create resonance in all other bandwidths if there is atunement in the energetic body. When out of tune like a guitar that hasn’t been tuned properly it might create problems with the harmony of it and it becomes distorted, from the blueprint created in imagination, or spirit.
If our energetic strings are tuned properly it would be easy to have our world resonate with the blueprints we choose or create for our selves. If our energy fields are out of tune it might be a little difficult to have the wanted blueprint resonate through all the different bandwidths. Some times, even if we have tuned our strings perfectly, we might have so much noise around us that we can’t ‘hear’ our own harmonic music.
Every event we experience can be seen as a creation of energetic vibrations or a certain piece of music, with vibrations both in the physical, emotional, auditory, electromagnetic, mind and spiritual specters of existence.
It is possible to create a situation without words; animals and plants and stones does that all the time and so do we. But it is through beliefs of words and other symbols we view experience in the time dimension. Beliefs are to music in the magical sense, what lyrics are to a piece of music. Lyrics tell a story and music creates a picture and or a mood or series of moods. Put together in a melodic and harmonic way it gives a song. For some it might even be easier to recall a certain harmony and recreate that vibratory harmony in experience when using lyrics or rather beliefs to create the vibrations.

Nrg-vision – sensing with the inside of the brain or rather sensing in the mind.
With regards to the 5 senses we normally use to navigate in the physical bandwidth of human existence, the thing is that everything that comes in from our eyes, ears, nerve ends, nose and tongue, are properly translated into an electrical pattern and send to centers in the brain for processing. In that sense we only have one sense to receive information from the physical surroundings and that is an electrical sense.
We also use this sense to navigate in our brains stored information; whether the things stored are things we have experienced in the physical bandwidth or in dreams or imagination. We also use that sense to navigate in probable experiences that might have happened or might happen, or maybe even is very unlikely to happen with our present belief system.
But this sense can also be used to sense other bandwidths of existence. Sensing where the energy goes in what ever form it takes or where the energy have been in what ever form it took, is what we call clairvoyance. The other part of clairvoyance is being able to translate the perception of energy into translated symbols, or else it just seems like some big energy clouds swirling around.
This is quite difficult for me to translate my experience of this super sense into normal words. When I use it to get insights on things I couldn’t otherwise know about, the sense lies for me somewhere between feeling and vision, but not exactly, my brain just tries to explain the sense in something it already knows.
Anyway, NRG-vision is used to navigate in the realms of imagination and music and is an important pillar of magic to consciously create a living experience. If it is not there it is like sending a blind person with tied hands in to a forest, no direction, bumping into trees all the time and most likely falling over branches and be eaten by a werewolf in the end. Well maybe not a werewolf but it definitely is easier to perceive and navigate when your senses are open and functioning.

Love BenedikteEva

February 6, 2011

The island of magic

Uploaded on 24 Aug 2011
This is a music video sketch of a dream I had earlier that year. It would be great to have an erupting volcano a certain place in the video.

My recording epuipment was not very good at the time so there is a lot of noise. I am currently rerecording it and a new cleaner version of the song will soon appear in a new blogpost. >

The dream:
A young person is going through a lot of obstacles to save the magical island she is living on.She does it all by her self. And in the end she succeeds.
I don't remember much of theactual action except that it was really entertaining like a action movie or something and that the island was saved. In the in the end of the actual dream I get a flashback of what has passed on the island while the action was taking place.
The shores of the Island is falling rock by rock into the ocean and a lot of the inhabitants of the Island is leaving the shores in a large stream of different magical creatures. They are singing. The frontsinger has a likelihood to Ashley Tisdale from the Disneychannel, and after she has sung the lead, another singer (from Disney) sing the words: then we must make it on our own'.
I wake up and the dream continues with the idea that these magical creatures has been existing in my mind (the Island) and has lived as they wanted to without taking responsibility for the Island, and in the end they decide to make a consortium to maintain balance on The Island.
The dream made me feel relieved because I knew that I had some magical creatures of the mind who would actually work for me to keep harmony in my life.

  Love BenedikteEva

January 10, 2011

Dream of the impossible!

In this video I share a dream about a boy who did the impossible and noone noticed. Have any of you or someone else you'vemet ever done something you forgot afterwards because you didn't believe it could have happened. Try to recall and be on the look out for the impossible. Please leave your comment.

January 23, 2010

Dream about the art of levitation.

I had a dream recently where I was taught how to levitate. Levitation is almost like flying but the difference between levitation and flying is basically that with flying you use a physical power to counteract gravity to a certain extent, with levitation you actually use your energy field to move your self around in the energy field surrounding the planet in a vertical and sideways manner.

The method to levitate is to start running. If you're a runner or just a being who runs sometimes, then you probably know that feeling; the feeling of almost not touching the ground with your feet. Run like the wind.

This feeling of not touching the ground is the beginning of levitation. Now in my dream I ended up running up walls of houses in a small dessert town I visited, and instead of falling down when I ran up the walls I ended up looping through the air to the house on the other side of the street.

Later in my lesson I ran out of town in the air and got higher and higher up through the air. I recall it as being a completely thrilling experience, and something everybody should do, just for the sheer joy of it.Not to show of to an eager public because it does look kind of foolish. Normally when I think of levitation, I think of some bald headed Bhuddist monks sitting in a perfect lotus position hovering 10 cm above ground, rather peaceful. Well there is nothing peaceful about my experience just as there is nothing peaceful about a roller coaster ride. The problem is that I do not know what to do with my arms. If you have ever seen the episode of 'Friends' where Phoebe and Rachel try running together and Phoebe runs in a totally crazy manner, well levitation when I do it in my dreams is something similar. But it is so much fun.
I did get some good advice from my levitation teacher, whom I never really met:
1. Always start levitation from the ground; because if you suddenly stop believing, that you can levitate, when you have just thrown your self out from the Eiffel tower, you might find your self having a quite unpleasant encounter with the ground.
2. If you are moving fast, keep your mouth closed. (I don't know why I got this. Maybe the teacher really meant: wear goggles).
3. I do not remember this, but my advice is to practice. i mean running is quite healthy so you really can't lose; except perhaps some excess weight from Christmas.

Love and a great levitation

November 29, 2009

A simple visualization for feeling fulfilled

Close your eyes. Look at the back of your eyelids. When looking at the back of your eyelids with the physical eye, most people will see black and white dots that look like a turned on TV without any signal. Some may see colours, depending on how much light the have recently been exposed to.
Now, when looking at the black and white dots you can do three things: can just look at the black and white dots. 2. focus on the black dots. 3. focus on the white dots.
In this visualization we are interested in using number 3.
With eyes closed focus on the white dots. Now in your imagination expand the white dots. What I experience when using this exercise, is a feeling of joy and being present and fulfilled.
The exercise can also be used for healing.
IF you have an area of your body that needs healing then: close your eyes, look at the black and white dots before your eyes, focus your attention/awareness on the area that needs healing, expand the white dots in your imagination with the intention of healing.

Love BenedikteEva